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domingo, 12 de enero de 2014

Happy 21st birthday sunshine.

Dear Zayn:
Hello sunshine, how is all going? I know you won´t read this, but I want to tell you how important you are for me, but I will start telling it all from the begining.
December 2011. Two of my friends were so obsesed with you and your band mates. One day, talking with one of them, I ask her about you. She said me that I had to looked you first video of a song called ¨What Makes You Beautiful.´ The video started and I saw Liam, Harry and then your solo. I fell in love with you in that moment. You were the type of boy I used to liked, and your voice was so brilliant. I saw this video lots of times, and then I discovered Gotta Be You. Uauuuw, you were so talented. I looked for you in Wikipedia: How old you were, where you came from and I discovered so many things about my new idols. First, I pronounced your name like "zain", Niall´s like "Nial" and Louis´ like "Luis".Yes, It was so weird. Months later, all my classmates and my friends knew about you. I remember the day you won your fist award, a Brit. I was seeing it online and the link didn´t going very well. It stoped so many times and after one of these times, a black-skined guy, announced that you´ve won your first award. I was yelling all around my house. That was only the beginning.  And when you became more famous, one of my classmates said one thing to me that I´d never forget: "Oh, Lucia, the first time I heard about them was by you and now they´re so famous and all the world know about them. Yesterday I heard someone talking about them in the TV and it reminded to you!"It was the first person that said me a thing like that, and it was amazing. And, I remember all the messages I recived when you sang at The Olympics. Woah, I was in my village with a Directioner and we were shouting all the time and her mother was like: WTF? Are you crazys girls? Hahahhha, you were so handsome and I loved the show. And that year, you came to the Hormiguero and you announced a date for two concerts in Spain. Yes, after all the wait, you´ll be in Spain. Mi daddy tried yo buy tickets but they were all sold in less than a hour. Some days later, I saw thay you announced and other show, to the 25th. I told it to my parents and the day the tickets came out for sale, he was there at 10 o´clock to buy it. I was so scared of asking him about the tickets, but at dinner I did it. He said he hadn´t it and I started to cried a lot. I run upstairs and then my mum, my little brother and my dad came into my bedroom with a ticket for your show. My face was epic. All my classmates asked me the day before If I had tickets and I said yes, with a very big smile on my face, I was glad to have it. After 185 day, I came yo you concert and I saw you for the first time. I met fantastics people, too. Today, the day of you 21st birthday, I´m here writting how much I love you and waiting to see you in July, 9 days before my birthday. I have front row seats, and that it´s amazing.
Zayn, I know I´m one of the million fans that tell you every day that love you. But I want to tell you it one more time. For me, you and your bandmates are my everything. And you, particularly, have taught me lots of things, even without meeting you in person. You are an example to follow, and I´m so proud to say that I´m a fan of you. I love you for who you´re. You have a very big heart, and that´s lovely. I love how you behave with your mother, or how much you love animals, and us, the fans. I know you don´t like the fame, and you prefer being alone some times. I understand you, being part of the most famous band in the world have to be so difficult, but some people don´t understand this, and I don´t like how they behave with you. But you don´t have to care about them, you´re so much than this shit.

So, honey, have a very very happy birthday, even although you´re so far away. Enjoy your 21st, because you grow up, but I grow up with you. And thanks for everything darling, I love you endlessly. 

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